Strategic vision most important leadership trait

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Survey: Strategic vision most important leadership trait
What are the most important attributes for today's managers? According to 34 percent of executives polled recently, strategic vision is the most essential quality for successful leadership. Strong interpersonal skills and integrity each received 29 percent of the response.

"As the economy continues to show signs of improvement, company leaders are focused on developing a loyal and motivated work force," says Tracey Turner, executive director of The Creative Group, a Menlo Park-based company which places workers in temporary and contract positions in advertising and related professions.

"Managers who share their firm's strategic vision with staff members and describe the role each employee will play in achieving company objectives have the best chance of retaining their top performers," she says.

"Integrity has always been an essential leadership quality, but the focus has intensified in the wake of widely publicized corporate misdeeds in recent years. Managers must make a concerted effort to earn employee trust. Even seemingly minor missteps can call their credibility into question," according to Ms. Turner.

Four of the most common mistakes that can undermine a manager's credibility with employees, according to Ms. Turner:

Deserting your team. Managers who fail to stand up for staff members when they are unfairly criticized or when times are tough lose their employees' trust.
Sending mixed signals. If you're receiving contradictory messages from a client or senior executives, you may be passing this confusion on to your team. Make sure you have all the facts, and be consistent in the direction you give. If parameters or goals change, explain why.
Not giving credit where it's due. Acknowledge employee contributions on projects, and never take credit for someone else's ideas or efforts. Shining the spotlight on your team makes everyone look good.
Breaking promises. Only promise what you know you can deliver to your staff. If, for example, employees have been told they will receive a promotion, raise or bonus when company profits improve, follow through on your word as soon as feasible.
The survey was developed by The Creative Group and was conducted by an independent research firm. It includes 250 responses -- 125 from advertising executives among the nation's 1,000 largest advertising agencies and 125 from senior marketing executives among the nation's 1,000 largest companies.

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    Re: Strategic vision most important leadership trait

    Wed, February 18, 2004 - 4:26 PM
    To be contrary, an alternative opinion --

    the Hyper Age (a term coined to define the fast moving age within which we live) demands the end of “strategic thinking”! Strategic thinking (in the sense of a deliberately chosen path) cannot work in a fluid culture for two reasons: First, strategic planning places future outcomes in a box, with only certain outcomes allowed. Secondly, in a fluid culture market developments move so fast as to render strategic plans obsolete not long after they are conceived. From our perspective as futurists we find that most business methodologies are not adequate for the Hyper Age because they follow strategic plans, or methods, to accomplish predetermined goals. [(c)FAM/IM 2004]


    I will be blogging to this regard on Monday, 2/23 at
  • Re: Strategic vision most important leadership trait

    Thu, February 19, 2004 - 12:12 AM
    This survey result seems to say managers who share their firm's strategic vision - not who personally have strategic vision. I'd have to agree this is important, as a firm must have a mission, vision and purpose, and you need the people who work with you to share all that for them to be effective. All the other stuff listed seems to go without saying.

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